Seasonal Cottage Insurance in Nova Scotia

Seasonal Cottage Insurance Coverages

Your home away from home is not immune to the elements, and seasonal cottage insurance is the perfect solution to protect your property. Your cottage insurance quote in Nova Scotia includes coverage over:

  •         The structural
  •         Attached structures
  •         Your belongings
  •         Yourself in the event of a liability incident

Unlike your standard home insurance policies, cottage insurance is designed for properties in use for only a portion of the year. This continues to protect the dwelling when you’re not in it without breaking the bank.

When selecting cottage insurance, there are a few ways to cover your property. You can select secondary home coverage, rental home coverage, or seasonal coverage, depending on the size of the structure, ownership, and how often it is used.

At Cluett Insurance, we strive to protect our fellow Nova Scotians against all the potential risks of owning or renting a cottage. Our experienced team of brokers is constantly looking for new ways to safeguard your properties and save you money.

Protect Your Property With Seasonal Cottage Insurance

Whether you rent a cabin in the woods, a cottage on the beach, or a property on a secluded island, your seasonal cottage insurance protects your vacation property.

The most basic cottage insurance rates extend to cover your cottage structure, the contents of the structure such as:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Clothing
  • Seasonal items

Any other structures on-site are also protected, such as:

  • Sheds
  • Decks
  • Garages
  • Pools
  • Outdoor Spas

The types of damage you are protected from include:

  • Fire: Fires happen, especially in wooded and dry areas. Cottage insurance protects your home and belongings in this event.
  • Pests and animals: Cabins and other properties unoccupied for lengths of time attract animals, especially during the cold winter months. Insurance protects your property from damage and pest removal costs.
  • Vandalism: Another risk of an uninhabited property is attracting unwanted attention from vandals.
  • Theft: When thieves come across a property that is closed for the season, they are more likely to act, knowing they won’t get caught.

Your policy can be extended to protect against further potential causes of damage and liability depending on your needs. Where your property is located plays a big role in the add-on protection you may require. For example:

Third-Party Liability

If your cottage is used by you part of the year and rented to others during various points in the year, your cottage insurance may not be enough to protect you from liability in the event of an accident.

Boat Insurance

Your seasonal cottage insurance may require an add-on of boat insurance for lakeside cottages and oceanfront cabin properties. If you own canoes, kayaks, jet-skis, a motorboat, a fishing boat, sailboat, or any other watercraft, that property is not protected under the umbrella of your cottage insurance if docked at the water and not stored inside the cottage.

Compare Seasonal Cottage Insurance Quotes

Need cottage insurance but not sure how to find the best cottage insurance quote in Nova Scotia? Cluett insurance can help. Some of the factors to consider when selecting a cottage insurance rate are:

  • How often you are at your cottage each year
  • Whether you rent the cottage property
  • Additional equipment on-site (boat, ATV, etc.)
  • If you have a fireplace or woodstove on site
  • Whether there is a risk of waterfront damage due to flooding

Are you interested in learning more about the types of coverage available for vacation cottage insurance in Nova Scotia? We invite you to contact Cluett Insurance for a cottage insurance quote today. Call (902) 466-5328 for more information.