Income Property Insurance in Nova Scotia

Income Property Insurance Coverages

Owning an income property in Nova Scotia comes with its financial risks. Fortunately, income property insurance removes many of these risks by covering you against property damage, loss, and liability.

In an income property, there is more to consider than the structure itself. Renting to others, whether as a commercial or residential venture, means your property is being used and cared for by others.

Unlike your home insurance policy, an income property does not protect your renters from damage or loss. This is under the umbrella of a renter’s insurance policy which must be obtained by tenants individually.

At Cluett Insurance, we work with Nova Scotians to provide landlord rental property insurance that covers your property and protects you and your assets in damage or liability situations. We work closely with property owners to find the best policy depending on your property’s size, use, and the various other insurance products needed to protect it.

Benefits of Investing in Income Property Insurance

Your income property is a huge investment. Whether you need single dwelling or multiple property landlord insurance, Cluett’s extensive coverage options work to protect from:

  • Water pipe damage
  • Hail
  • Lightning
  • Storms/Wind
  • Fire
  • Additional named perils included in policy

Depending on the type of property and number of residents, you may choose to alter your income property insurance to reflect the unique requirements of your situation. For example, short-term rentals (Airbnb).

Extended Income Property Insurance Coverage

Some of the extended options landlord rental property insurance offers may include:


Liability is a huge risk when maintaining a property for others. This risk increases by the size of the property and the number of tenants. Adding liability coverage to your policy protects you should somebody on your income property be injured.

Income From Renters

As a rental property owner, losing income after a loss can be devastating. We can offer coverage for loss of rents in the event of an insured peril such as Fire, Wind, Water.

Common Area Belongings

Income property is unique in that not all of the belongings on-site belong to you. Some of the items in your property will be tenant furniture. However, in common areas or furnished apartments, the belongings on-site may require additional insurance to protect them as part of your rental property.

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