Winter Tires

Winter is upon us! We are starting to have more snow in Halifax and unfortunately, we can’t have a snow day every time it snows. 🙁

If you are still procrastinating about installing winter tires, here is why you should!

When it comes to all-season tires, the rubber will stiffen, as the weather gets colder. Winter tires remain flexible in very cold temperatures. They are manufactured with a harder rubber. This is very important so you can maintain traction, even on bare pavement! They also have superior tread patterns to enhance your grip on snowy roads.

There have been many tests performed that prove snow tires are worth the extra cost. Besides the fact that having an accident is costly, and inconvenient, they can save your life! It may cost more up front to have two sets of tires for your car, but both sets will last twice as long, saving you money in the end.

Having an all-wheel drive vehicle is great and can help with your tire traction, but it will not help with stopping. Grip on the road is the most important factor for safety.

As we know, in Halifax our weather can change in the blink of an eye and its best to prepare for the worst. Remember the end of November this year when our city became a gridlock after 10-20 cm of snow fell one afternoon. Many drivers were still using all season or summer tires and no one was able to get in or out of the city. Cars were off the road, abandoned everywhere as Haligonians ran out of gas and gave up. Let’s try to be more prepared! We want you to arrive at your destination.

Get those winter tires installed today! Peace of mind does go a long way!