Water Coverage & How to Lower Chances of Claims

Regardless if we can blame it on Climate change or not, flood risk is growing in Nova Scotia.

Aging and insufficient infrastructure is causing sewers to backup and flood basements. Weather patterns continue to grow and change. We have had more severe weather events in recent years than ever before! The good news is insurance coverage is changing to keep up with this.
In recent years, many companies have expanded their water coverage with new enhancements. The sewer back up coverage that has been around for many years was not enough!


One new coverage is Overland water. This water coverage now includes sudden and rapid melting of snow or ice. It covers fresh water, groundwater and surface water. This water does not have to come in through a drain or pipe to be covered like it did with sewer back up.
There is also an endorsement offered with many companies called service line protection. It covers your water and sewer lines connected to the dwelling.

There are many ways to lower your chances of needing to make a claim:

  • Ensure downspouts drain at least 6 feet away from the home
  • Clear eavestroughs and downspouts of leaves and debris
  • Install an anti-backflow valve or sump pump with a reliable power backup such as a generator
  • Have a licensed contractor to inspect your foundation and basement walls for cracks. Also, have your weeping tiles inspected for damage


Of course, if you discover water:

  • Do not enter the area unless you are sure it is safe
  • Turn off electrical power and unplug/remove electrical appliances
  • If the area is safe, take steps to protect your property from further damage
  • Shut off the main water supply to prevent further damage
  • Move items away from flooded areas and place them on elevated surfaces
  • If the sanitary sewer backs up into your basement, do not flush the toilet or turn on taps

Call your broker today! We can review your policy and make sure you have the proper coverage for water damage!

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