Trailers, Motorcycles, & Boats are Back in Operation!

It’s that time of year again – trailers, motorcycles, and boats are back in operation.

Here is what you need to know about insurance on them!

Recreational trailers come in many styles.


Utility trailers are generally used to tow things such as your boat or ATV. No need to buy liability insurance for a trailer. It extends from the coverage on the towing vehicle. You can also buy collision or comprehensive insurance based on its value.


Tent trailers, travel trailers, and fifth wheels tend to be more valuable. They also have liability coverage extended while they are being towed. You can buy coverage for collision, and comprehensive for the unit. You also can buy emergency towing or vacation expensive coverage. Most trailer packages even include coverage for your contents!

Motorcycles are quite inexpensive to cover for basic liability insurance. Collision, comprehensive, or fire and theft are available as well. Bikes can cost a lot to fix even with a small amount of damage!

Home insurance packages include coverage for small boats, such as kayaks and canoes. If you have more valuable watercraft, with more than 25 HP engine, you should have the boat added. Always keep your boats locked up and hidden away when not in use! No one wants to miss out on summer boating because they have to wait for insurance money to come through!


As always, there are so many different packages and coverages’ available. That is what your insurance broker is here for! We have the experience and knowledge to make sure you buy the right insurance so that you can enjoy peace of mind! Give us a call today to review your current policy or get a quote on a new one with the right coverages!

We hope you enjoy your summer, stay safe on the roads, parks, and waters!