Texting & Driving: You Aren’t Only Distracted…It’s Like You’re Impaired

According to the National Safety Council, 27% of car crashes are related to cell phone use. This includes texting & driving and talking on the phone whether hand held or hands free!

Texting & driving is actually like driving while impaired. When your attention moves away from the road and onto your phone, you take longer to react. As we know, driving requires full attention. Other drivers make quick moves or slam on their breaks, and you only have a split second to avoid an accident!

Even talking on a hands free device can be distracting. You are splitting your attention between the conversation and the road.

Tickets for Using Cell Phones?

In Nova Scotia, the police are handing out a massive numbers of tickets for cell phone usage each week. These tickets can cost you over $200 for your first offence. If you have a second or third offence, it costs even more.

Hand held device use tickets are now considered a major conviction by many companies. This is equal to driving without insurance, or passing a school bus. It can mean you will not be able to have insurance with a preferred company. You may also have a large surcharge applied to your premium.

There are lots of stories about terrible car accidents that have occurred from a driver who was on a phone. As insurance brokers, we could tell you too many to count.

We are all busy, we all have loved ones to keep in touch with. We all remember something we forgot to do before we left our house. But please pull your car off the road, or wait until you reach your destination. The life you save by doing this is worth more than missing out on a text!

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