Simple Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Winter!

Is your car ready for winter?

Everyone knows that winter is on its way, and it will be here before you know it! Now is the perfect time to get your car ready for the driving conditions that are ahead. Check these car to-dos off your list for a safe winter drive.
To-Do List:
  1. Put on your winter tires. All season and summer tires can become harder as the temperature starts to drop. This can lead to decreased traction. The benefit of winter tires is that they are made of a different type of rubber. This allows them to stay soft and flexible in the cold season so you have a better grip on the road.
  2. Check your brakes. When the roads are covered with snow and ice stopping takes even longer than normal. Make sure your brakes are in good condition so that you have the stopping power to stop your car. Also, it is important to leave extra space when it comes to winter driving.
  3. Change your wipers. Did you know that just like winter and summer tires, there are winter and summer wipers! When winter comes, it is important to have good visibility so you can see all the potential hazards on the road. It is also a good time to change your windshield washer fluid to the winter formula to prevent it from freezing.
  4. Check your battery. With the colder mornings, it takes a little extra power to start your car. Make sure your battery is up for the challenge this winter and keeps you going all season.
  5. Have a winter emergency kit. No matter how careful you are or how good of a driver you are, there may be times when you have to pull over and wait a storm out. Make sure you’re safe and warm by having things like a blanket, shovel, food, and water in your car all winter.
This seems like a lot to take on before winter. Remember that going into a shop for a winter tune up will most likely take care of most of these items in one visit. Try to book now as they are going to get busy very soon!