Road Trip Tips

Road Trip Tips & Advice

Now that summer is in full swing and the kids are out of school, many families are planning for the summer road trip! Road trips are the best kind of vacation because you are in control. You decide when and where to stop and for how long. Unfortunately, there can be a downside to road trips if you do not plan properly. Use these tips to ensure your vacation goes smoothly.
Make Sure You Have All Your Important Documents
If you are traveling into the U.S., your car insurance will cover you. Make sure the process goes smooth by ensuring all your documents are up to date. There is nothing worse than getting pulled over and having expired cards.Pack an Emergency Kit. When traveling, it is important to have an emergency kit. You never know when or where you might break down, and you will want to be prepared with food and water.
Make sure you budget properly for things like food, gas, activities, etc. Keep in mind food and gas prices can vary from province to province.
Protect Your Home
While away on your road trip, make sure you take precaution of your home. Do your best to make it look like your home is occupied even when your away. Ask a friend or family member to stop in to make sure your home is safe. While your enjoying your vacation, ask them to leave a light on, or leave a car in the driveway.
Have Fun
The most important thing to remember on a road trip is to have fun! Take time to be with your family and enjoy all the activities along the way! Also, check out these other 18 Road Trip Hacks that will make your road trip even better!!