How to Reduce Property Claims This Summer

Property Claims? No Thanks!
No one ever wants to have to deal with the inconvenience of a claim on their home insurance. Here are some helpful tips to lower your chances of something happening to your property.
Going away on vacation?
Try to arrange a competent neighbour or family member to make your home look lived in while you are away. Also, have your lawn maintained and mail picked up to help prevent theft. And make sure you pay your home insurance bill before you go!
Hosting a party?
You are legally liable for injury or damage caused by your guests if they consume liquor on your property, even after they leave your property. Monitor alcohol consumption of your guests. Stop serving alcohol at least one hour before the party is over, and instead serve non-alcohol beverages and snacks. Encourage your guests to have a designated driver to transport them home. If they don’t, call them a taxi, or have them stay overnight.
Do you have a swimming pool?
Supervise children at all times, and ensure that no one goes in the pool after consuming alcohol. Also, have a gate that you can lock to keep your pool from being used when you are not supervising.
Other Ways to Reduce Your Chance of Having Property Claims:
  • Make sure to test your smoke detectors regularly, it only takes a second. Do not use rechargeable batteries in them as they are not reliable.
  • Have a proper up to date fire extinguisher on hand, especially near the stove. If an accidental fire were to start, you need to be able to put it out as fast as possible.
  • And speaking of fires….cooking with oil is a frequent cause of fires. If you like to have delicious deep fried foods at home…. Use the proper cooking device. A temperature controlled appliance equipped with a lid is the only safe way to fry your foods at home.
  • Pay attention to your home security as well. This time of year bushes and trees are lovely and can provide shade and privacy for your home. Yet, it can also provide cover for a burglar to work unobserved. Keep your bushes and trees pruned so that your house is less attractive to break in to. Also, exterior lighting can help deter a thief.
  • Make sure your doors and windows have reinforced frames and properly installed locks. If there are patio doors on your house be sure to put a burglar bar in place.
There are many more ways to keep safe and prevent your home from having a devastating loss this summer. We, at Cluett Insurance, hope you and your family are able to enjoy your summer and stay safe!