Myths about Auto Insurance

Myths about Auto Insurance


There are many common myths about auto insurance! Check out these myths below!


  • Did you know that the color of your car does not affect your insurance rate?
    • We do not even ASK the color of your car on an insurance application!


  • Another common myth is that you can loan your car to a friend as long as they have their own insurance.
    • The truth is that regardless if they have their own insurance, the insurance on your car is what will cover it. If you loan your car, you are loaning your insurance. This means that you would pay higher rates, if your friend has an accident with your car. In addition, you must list anyone who drives the car on a regular basis or lives with you on the policy.


  • If you hit a live animal, it will be a comprehensive claim and not your fault!
    • If you hit an already deceased animal or anything else laying on the road, it is a collision. Many people try to explain that the deer ran into them… to ensure that they are not charged for this. Please do not swerve and hit an oncoming car, or the guardrail to avoid wildlife. This can cause a far worse accident!


  • One last myth that is very common is that a small claim will not affect you the same way as a big claim.
    • Regardless of the size of the claim or the amount of the damage, a claim is a claim. Your insurance may increase due to a minor at fault claim, and it is no different if the claim is very large.


Insurance is a hard thing to understand, and it is always changing!


That is why you need a broker! Call us today with any other questions you may have!