Life Insurance & COVID: What’s the Same? What’s Different?

The Covid-19 pandemic effects every aspect of our lives.

Life insurance, critical illness and disability insurance are no exception.

What’s new?


Electronic applications, signatures, and policy delivery were being used before Covid-19.

Now they have become standard.

The response is positive from both agents and clients alike. Zoom and screen sharing  are more convenient than meeting at a coffee shop, office or at client’s home.  


Before Covid-19 medicals were ordered based on “age and amount” basis. (Automatic requirements based on your age and how much coverage you want. These charts have been rewritten because of Covid-19).

Example:  Aged 50 or under? You can now choose from many companies offering up to $1,000,000 of life insurance with no medical. If you are over 50 – the requirements have all been reduced as well.

Companies have allowed alternatives to the nurses medical. They are trying to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19. 

Companies are relying on the health questions on the application (and in some cases requesting doctors’ reports).

(A medical may still be required but only on a case-by case basis)

What’s the Same?

Pricing: There has not been a rush to increase pricing based on Covid -19. Before issuing the policy there is an extra questionnaire to confirm the client is not at risk.

Availability:  There are no exclusions being built in to plans to exclude Covid-19 as a cause of death. Front-line workers are able to be covered provided they complete a questionnaire.


Less intrusive medical requirements + Stable pricing = there has never been a better time to consider buying/updating life insurance.

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Colin Touchie



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