Homeowner’s Policy Exclusions

Homeowner’s Policy Exclusions

Did you know there are things that insurance doesn’t cover, even on a comprehensive homeowner’s policy?


In recent news, a home in Nova Scotia fell into a sinkhole. The damages were not covered under the insurance policy. The thing that many people do not realize is that no homeowner’s policy covers this type of thing.


There are exclusions in every policy but some typical to home insurance are:

  •  Damage caused by small animals such as birds, rodents, bats and insects
  •  Damage caused by deterioration or lack of maintenance
  •  Injury to any person living in your household
  •  Intentional acts committed by you, including arson
  •  Damage caused by settling, expansion, moving, bulging, cracking or buckling
  •  Damaging occurring after, to your knowledge, dwelling has been vacant for 30 days
  •  Damage caused by civic commotion, nuclear activity or war
  •  Collapse of patios driveways walkways or retaining walls

And so much more! It is important to read your policy wordings and know your coverages. All risk coverage does not mean it covers everything that could happen.


Insurance is an agreement between the insurer and client. In exchange for premium, the insurer promises to pay for the loss caused by the perils covered. There is no blanket policy that covers anything that could happen.


The insurance industry is regulated. So, most insurance companies have similar homeowner’s policy exclusions.


So, please talk with your broker, read your policy, and know what you are buying! We are here to help you!