Home Insurance Coverages Explained

Do You Know About All of the Types of Home Insurance Coverages?
There are so many coverages connected to Home Owner’s Insurance. Also, there are so many packages available. It will be hard to touch on everything. Home insurance protects you against an unexpected loss or damage to one of your biggest investments. Your home and the things inside of it. Home insurance gets divided into two main sections: Property coverage and Liability coverage.
Property Coverages:
Property coverage is what protects your belongings.
  • Coverage A ~ Dwelling Building. (Your House)
  • Coverage B ~ Detached Private Structures. (Garage, Shed, etc.)
  • Coverage C ~ Personal Property. (If you turn your house upside down, it’s everything that would fall out!)
  • Coverage D ~ Extra Living Expenses. (If you had to get out of your house for an insurable loss. This would cover your hotel and other expenses.)
In addition, there are extensions of coverage, endorsements, and floaters. We will discuss at a later date.
Liability Coverages:
Liability coverage could protect you if someone holds you legally responsible for harm you cause to them physically or to their property. There are different limits available. Most people don’t have a clue what coverages they have for their home. Take some time to review your renewal statement and ask lots of questions. Better to know before you have a claim and find out that you weren’t covered. Therefore, call or email us atinfo@cluettinsurance.ca if you have questions. That’s what were here for! Also, for more details on coverages, check out Insurance Business Canada!