Guide to Car Insurance When Moving to Nova Scotia

Car insurance is one of the many factors you need to consider when moving to a new province. In addition to protecting your belongings from being damaged, moving includes getting a new address and license plate number, which directly ties into insurance.

Insurance regulations differ all over Canada. Some provinces require things that others may not. Before your move, educate yourself on the insurance laws in the province you’re moving to.

Mandatory Coverage in NS:

  • Accident Benefits Coverage
  • Direct Compensation 
  • Liability Coverage
  • Uninsured & Unidentified

Need Help With Insurance?

If you’ve recently moved to Nova Scotia or are planning to move here soon, your insurance broker will need your driving and insurance history for the last six years. If you’ve been licensed and insured for less than six years, you need to provide as much history as possible. Once your broker receives your driving and insurance history, they can put together a final car insurance quote and set up a policy.

As we mentioned above, insurance works a little differently in each province. Your current insurance company may not offer insurance in Nova Scotia. Even if they do, there may be another company that can offer you a better price. If you want to get personalized insurance at the best price, your best bet would be to have an insurance broker shop the market for you.

At Cluett Insurance, we compare prices from over ten insurance companies to find you personalized coverage at the best rate. From start to finish, our brokers handle the legwork to make sure you walk away satisfied.

It’s easy to get in touch with Cluett Insurance:

Car insurance is a little different in each province, so before moving speak with an insurance broker to shop the market and compare prices for you.