Flood & Overland Water Coverage

Are You In Need of Overland Water Coverage?

There are many types of coverages offered on insurance policies. Most homeowners don’t even know all that is available to them. Finally, some companies are now offering is Overland Water Coverage. Home insurance policies used to only cover you if water came in through sewer back up, or through a pipe or drain. In recent years, they have realized that it is not enough. They have started to cover freshwater flood, as well as, unusual and rapid accumulation of groundwater and surface water. This could be from a heavy rainfall or flooding freshwater rivers or lakes. Some companies are even extending the coverage to sewer lines under your house.

Water & flood related claims are on the rise in Canada.

It has become an even greater threat than fire or theft to your house. Many of these claims cost tens of thousands of dollars. In the last 60 years, there has been an increase in average annual precipitation of over 15%! This coverage is an optional endorsement and there is an extra charge for it, but what is peace of mind worth to you? It is important to add that not all kinds of water damage gets covered. Most of the overland coverages exclude salt water, tidal waves, or tsunamis. There are some qualifying details required. Most policies offer it with limits and subject to your deductible as well. Owners or tenants of houses or condos can buy this coverage from some companies. At Cluett, there are many options for you. So, are you covered? Get a quote or give us a call today and discuss if this is an option for you! For more information on flood preparation, check out these tips!