Driving an Uber or Working for a Food Delivery Service?

Thinking of driving an Uber or working for a Food delivery service? Make sure you tell your insurance company!
In the Toronto CTV News recently, a woman in Ontario found out that she was not insured after she had a car accident. She was using her car while working for a food delivery service.
The insurance company declined her claim and canceled her policy. She had to pay to fix her own car. This is not something you ever want to hear.
Car insurance companies choose the price of your policy based on what you are using the car for. If you are commuting to work on a daily basis, the price is different than if you deliver food. It also would be different for a retired person compared to someone who goes to job sites to do contract work. Soon, Halifax will have more food delivery services like Skip the Dishes, and Ubereats. We will also have ride sharing services like Lyft and Uber. We are so excited to have this available in our area and would hate to see more stories in the news like the unfortunate claim denial that happened in Ontario. Please make sure you are contacting us to make sure we have the right coverage on your car! Insurance companies are working on how to make the coverage for this affordable for you. We know it is a great way to make some extra money, and they are great services to have in our area! If you are not sure if you have the right coverage, or you make some changes, give us a call! An insurance broker can shop around and find you the company who best suits your insurance needs! Finally, if you need a quote, don’t hesitate to get a quote here!