Keeping Your Child Safe And Secure In Their Car Seat

From the moment your baby is born, you try your best to keep them safe. You stock up on furniture bumpers, baby gates and the best rated car seats to ensure you are doing your best to keep your baby protected.

According to the Canadian Paediatric Society, setting up a car seat and using it properly reduces the risk of feature injury by 71% and the risk of serious injury by 67%. 

Whether you are taking a quick drive to the grocery store or heading on a road trip, always prepare the car seat to do its job.

Follow the manufacturer’s installation and maintenance instructions

Every car seat and car will have its own instructions for installations, safety checks, and maintenance. Say you remove the car seat from your car to lend it to your kids babysitter for the day. We suggest revisiting the instructions when you need to install it in your car again. Following the instructions will ensure you have done everything correctly.

Readjust the straps as your kid grows or as seasons change

As your child grows adjust their car seat harness and check the overall fit. This is also important to do as the seasons change. In the colder months when your child is wearing thicker layers, you may need to adjust the harness to fit snug on your child’s body.

Tip: Do you research before putting your child in their car seat with their winter jacket on.

Keep track of the car seats expiry date and replace it on time

Every car seat has an expiry date and it is unsafe to use an expired car seat. Materials deteriorate overtime. Also, manufacturers incorporate crash test data and technology advances in their new designs to keep your child safe.

Replace your child’s car seat if you have been involved in a collision

If you have been in a collision, there is a chance the car seats safety capabilities have been compromised. Even if you cannot see damage, you should dispose of it properly and buy a new one. You will likely be able to claim this expense through your insurance company.

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Collision Replacement: How To Claim The Cost Of A New Car Seat?

Transport Canada recommends you dispose of your child’s car seat if you have been involved in a collision. Even if your child was not in the car seat or directly hit they should be replaced. This will ensure the car seat continues to provide a high level of protection for your child. You can most likely claim the cost of a new car seat (similar in value) through your insurance company. Before you get rid of the car seat, ask your insurer what they need from you in order to process your claim.

Most insurers will require:

  • A photo of the car seat with its safety harness cut (to ensure it will no longer be used)
  • Proof of payment for the new car seat
  • A photo of the new car seat showing it matches the one on your receipt (logo, brand name, etc.)

If you are unsure of what your insurance company will cover the cost of, reach out to your broker to find out.