Get Your Bikes Ready! It’s Riding Season!

Get Your Bikes Ready!

Well everyone, spring is finally here, and that means it’s time to bring out your bikes! Your bikes have probably been away for a couple months now. They will need a little tune up to be running like they should.
Here are a few things to look at before you ride your bike for the first time this year:
Something you can often overlook is your oil and the filter. Whether you changed it before you put your bike away or not, it’s always good to check. If you didn’t change your oil before storage, you will want to do so, as inactivity can lead to the degrading of motor oil.
Charge it
The best thing for your motorcycle’s battery is to have it connected to a trickle charge while in storage. If you don’t have access to a trickle charges, make sure your bike’s battery is fully charged before riding.
Many people will put fuel stabilizer in their fuel tank before storage. Even if you do this, it’s always good to get in the routine to check the gas. This is to ensure that there is no gumminess or buildup by the fill line. If there is, you should drain the tank fuel line and carbs, and start this season fresh with a new tank of gas.
Along with checking your oil, you should also ensure to top up all your other fluids, and it’s ready to go. Make sure to check the brake, clutch, and coolant levels to ensure all fluids are where they need to be.
One of the most important things to check will be your tires. If your bike has been stored all winter on the tires and kickstand, there’s a chance for your tires to have flat spots. Ensure that you have inspected your tires for these flat spots and if you find any make sure to replace the tire. Once you check everything over and have insurance, go out and enjoy your bike! Also, check out these 18 Quick Tips to Boost Your Riding Skills!