Insurance Broker vs. Direct Insurance Company?

Benefits of Using an Insurance Broker!

Hey! My name is Sherisse; I have been working for Cluett insurance for 3.5 years now. I have been a licensed Insurance agent for over 16 years (wow, that makes me feel old!) and I always worked for a direct insurance company until I came to Cluett Insurance.

Nova Scotia is such a diverse place; it was so hard to meet the needs of all my clients when I only had one product to offer. If the price went up, I had to say, “Sorry this is all I have to offer!” Some clients had bigger houses than my company could insure. I had other people contact me who had an at fault accident under their previous policy. I spoke to individuals who were only licensed recently, or first time homebuyers. And often I had to say, “Sorry I don’t have any coverage I can offer you”.

Now, working for an insurance broker, I represent more than a dozen different companies! I can always find an option to suit my client’s needs. I still cannot always get the price as low as we want it, (16 years ago, insurance was much cheaper). However, I can at least ensure a fair comparison shop of products and coverage.

As an insurance broker, we work for the customer, not the company. We are not tied to a specific company but we are knowledgeable in our industry and represent both. I can say it was a lot easier to only need to know the rules working for one direct company. However, when you represent so many you become an expert! Our goal is to support the client and help them ensure they have the right coverage.

Shopping around for the best insurance price can be tiring, so we save you the trouble! We are a one-stop-shop for all your insurance needs. Get a quote today!

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