Auto Claims: The Survival Guide

The Survival Guide to Auto Claims
It’s 5:30pm on a Friday afternoon and finally, the end to a long week at work. You now find yourself stuck in traffic as usual. The traffic is not moving, so, your mind starts to think about all the stuff you want to do this weekend! Finally, the traffic starts to move. You get a little excited, hit the gas a little too hard, and you don’t have time to stop yourself. Bang! As a result, you have just rear ended the car in front of you. So, what are you going to do? Do you call 911? Or do you assess the situation and move on?
Here are some tips for auto claims:
1. First of all, calm down and take a deep breath.
You need a clearer mind now more than ever. Don’t let the adrenaline get the best of you and consequently, put yourself in more danger.
2. Carefully assess the situation.
Check your surroundings and be sure not to put yourself in any more danger when getting out of your car. You do not have to call 911 for every accident. If there are extensive damages to the cars or people have injuries, you will have to call.
3. Take pictures
It’s 2018. You have a phone that is capable of taking pictures. Capture the scene of the accident. The other person’s license plate, in case they run. Take pictures of all the damages on your car and the other person’s car.
4. Gather as much information as you can.
Check to see if there were any witnesses. Ask for their name and contact info. Exchange your contact and insurance info with the other driver. You will need to get info about the other person such as year, make, and model of their car, as well as their insurance info.
5. What’s next?
If everyone is okay and the vehicles are safe to drive, you can go on with your day. You may want to file a police report, but there is no need to call 911. Also, if you feel any stiffness, you can go to the closest medical clinic.
6. Report your claim.
Call your broker or call your insurance company to report the accident. Get the claim process started.
7. Again take a deep breath, everything is going to be okay.
In addition, for more answers to some frequently asked questions about auto claims, visit the Insurance Brokers Association of Nova Scotia website.